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As a community, we are currently spending an average of $13,000 per student annually.

Citizens are asking -
“Are we getting our money's worth?”

It's time to “do the math.

About Angie

Angie Moorin has lived in Louisville for 40 years and is a product of the Jefferson County Public School System having graduated from Ballard High School (located in District 3). She earned her B.S. in Accounting from the University of Kentucky and proceeded to work as an accountant, auditor and CFO.

As a licensed Certified Public Accountant, Angie worked at Potter & Co. She then went on to become the Controller of Abel Construction before embarking on a 20-year career as Chief Financial Officer of Bluefin Seafood. Her expertise and passion for accounting guides clients and companies through financial decisions, audits, and reporting.

Angie focused most of her energy on creating effective internal controls and accounting systems to produce clear, correct, real-time data. Through analysis and proper reporting of this information, management can make cost effective decisions on the allocation of their resources. Strong accounting controls are also important to safeguard resources from waste or duplicative efforts. This is precisely what Angie feels is critically needed for our school system to succeed and the reason she is running.

Angie and her husband George (also a graduate of Ballard High School) will celebrate 25 years of marriage this November. Together they have raised two children (Samantha and Michael) both of whom attended Jefferson County Public Schools. Both children were National Merit Finalists and graduated DuPont Manual High School as valedictorians.

In balancing work and home life, Angie’s top priority is being a parent. She was heavily involved in her children’s academic and athletic extracurricular activities. Today, Samantha is embarking upon her freshman year at Wake Forest University while Michael is a junior at Princeton University.

Angie and George Moorin actively give back to the community. Angie has served on the Board of Directors and Finance Committee of the Healing Place. She has also served on the Board of Directors and Finance Committee of the Cabbage Patch Settlement House. Together they have organized and sponsored the Toys for Tots Christmas Gala for the past 30 years. This event has brought in over 25,000 toys for the children of this community.

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Why I'm Running

Dear Voter,

I am proud to be a product of the Jefferson County Public Schools, as well as a former Certified Public Accountant and mother of two children. Like you, I grew immediately concerned with the condition of our community’s schools following the recent release of the State Auditor’s report on the Jefferson County Public School System. Specifically, a few of the State Auditor’s comments really caught my attention.

  • “This report paints a picture of a bureaucracy that benefits itself and keeps the board in the dark, rather than supports excellence in the classroom and a public mission of transparency and accountability.”
  • “Regrettably, the current structure and culture of the elected school board is insufficient to provide meaningful oversight. Astoundingly, there is no board review of such basics as budget-to-actual comparisons.”
  • “Approving the JCPS budget (1.3 billion) is one of the most important responsibilities of the Board, yet Board members generally do not appear to have a depth of understanding to actively examine or question the budget effectively.”

These comments motivated me to run for School Board in District 3. It is important work and I feel I am uniquely qualified for this position. I will bring my accounting experience and my parental point of view to each issue (including each budget) that comes before the Board.

I think we can all agree that a strong public school system is arguably the most important job of local government. We spend a lot of money to educate our children. If elected, I would look forward to working with our Superintendent, Dr. Hargens and the other board members to move JCPS toward the ultimate goal of becoming the “Best Urban School District in the Nation.”

I will also be a constant voice on the board to spend resources wisely, measure outcomes and hold ourselves accountable. As a board member I will examine and question the budgets.... and in today’s world that requires a lot of number crunching. I’m ready to do the math.

We need the right people to govern a $1.3 billion system that affects 102,000 children in our city. I respectfully ask for your vote this November.


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